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At its heart, cycling is a simple pastime. A bike with two wheels is people-powered to a destination for either fun, sport or commuting purposes. Now, however, it has evolved into an activity that uses technology to transform from its mere mode-of-transportation roots into something more efficient, safe and comfortable.

FormMount is a new modular system that lets you mount GPS computers, cameras (we’re looking at you, GoPro fans…), lights and — soon — phones to the frame of your bike. No more clamps and zip-ties!
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What makes this mounting system unique is that it can be adjusted to hold different sizes of add-on gear, and it also moves up and down a range of five heights to suit you and your riding style best. The FormMount’s fore/aft feature lets you slide any size of computer forward or back so it’s in the best viewing position for you, and you don’t need to use any clunky tools.

Comfort for the rider is part of it, but of course, a true heads-up display goes a long way to keeping a rider safer. Whether you’re tracking your teammates, clocking your speed and miles covered or checking the map for the bike trail you’re on, the adjustable height and angle of the display mean you can keep your eyes on the ground ahead at the same time.

It should come to no surprise that a group of avid cyclists are behind the invention. F3 Cycling is a Chicago-based startup founded by Tim Boundy, along with with teammates Frank Pistorio and Mike Scalise. All three are life-long cyclists (hence the “3” in F3 Cycling) and are “driven to bring innovative product ideas to life,” they say.

Their goal is to streamline bikes by cutting down on the clutter that can accumulate when you try to add on separate pieces of gear, and in turn make bike rides more practical and fun.
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Key to the versatility of the FormMount are the arms that can be adjusted to grip your devices. They are tough, too—tough enough that F3 Cycling is happy to give the original owner a lifetime warranty. They are “injection-molded carbon or kevlar-reinforced nylon, over-molded onto CNC machined stainless-steel sleeves for strength,” the inventors explain. “The cradle/mounting area is Delrin for durability and positive computer fit — Delrin is a low-friction nylon, chosen to reduce wear.”

Currently the FormMount, available for preorder, supports Garmin and Wahoo bike computers, but the F3 team is working hard on adding compatibility with other systems. The company also points out that since many bike light manufacturers use the GoPro type bracket, you can easily mount a light underneath using F3’s GoPro cradle. Now you can shoot scary movies at night as you bike through woods around a haunted mansion…. Or film your evening commute home. Completely your choice.
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The FormMount is F3 Cycling’s first product offering. A manufacturer in Spring Grove, Illinois is running their production, and the design process is also locally based, making the FormMount 100 percent American-made. They have a phone mount option in development as well, which they have been road-testing. They hope to ship it in April 2017.