Triangulation Modern Furniture 1
A chair so sharp and angular that it looks like it could cut into your skin may not be the most welcoming piece of furniture to relax into after a long day at work, but it certainly makes a bold statement in a room.  The Triangulation furniture series by Nova Obiecta sculpts lightweight aluminum into eye-catching, minimalist works of art.
Triangulation Modern Furniture 2
Triangulation Modern Furniture 3
The most complex and alien-looking of the series was created by artist Aimeric Chay, reflecting Nova Obiecta’s belief that the aesthetics of an object can be even more important than the function.
Triangulation Modern Furniture 4
Each piece is hand-made in france usage aluminum alloys and a matte black finish. The designers chose aluminum because it is “lightweight, malleable and resistant to the passing of time.” With all of their geometric folds, some of the pieces resemble origami rendered in metal.
Triangulation Modern Furniture 5

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The chair, tables and sculptural objects are each available in a limited edition of 8-15 pieces.