Triangulation sharp furniture

A chair so sharp and angular that it looks like it could cut into your skin may not be the most welcoming piece of furniture to relax into after a long day at work, but it certainly makes a bold statement in a room.  The Triangulation furniture series by Nova Obiecta sculpts lightweight aluminum into eye-catching, minimalist works of art.

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The most complex and alien-looking of the series was created by artist Aimeric Chay, reflecting Nova Obiecta’s belief that the aesthetics of an object can be even more important than the function.

Triangulation sharp furniture set

Each piece is hand-made in France usage aluminum alloys and a matte black finish. The designers chose aluminum because it is “lightweight, malleable and resistant to the passing of time.” With all of their geometric folds, some of the pieces resemble origami rendered in metal.

The chair, tables and sculptural objects are each available in a limited edition of 8-15 pieces.

Triangulation sharp furniture table and lamp

More from the designers

“Nova Obiecta is a house of creation and edition of furniture and works of art. The house’s editions share an aesthetic where form can take precedence over function. The creations gain their singularity in the precise choice of materials and through the forms that arise from the singular imagination of the creators, designers and artists edited by Nova Obiecta.”

Triangulation sharp furniture chair

“Technicality and precision contribute to the sobriety of the pieces. And when it comes to creating its own collection, Nova Obiecta observes a single line of conduct, giving birth to innovative works that all come together in their minimalist and refined character. Nova Obiecta thus seeks to enhance the simple, the refined, through strict and calculated forms.The house, in search of the essential and timelessness, breathes new life into geometry.”

Triangulation sharp furniture side tables

About Nova Obiecta

When the two founders meet in the heart of Paris, they merge their approaches to aesthetics and find themselves at the crossroads of two worlds: that of heritage, of history on one side and that of creation, of the future. the other.
From their passion for raw materials, craftsmanship and industrial processes, Nova Obiecta was born. Kinetic art, design and contemporary architecture and this proven desire for the two autodidacts of the “after” are at the origin of the refinement of the concept. If the ideas are born from the effervescence of the capital, it is in the south of France that each of the pieces sees the light of day.”