What do a tent, a swing, and a trampoline all have in common? They’re all super-fun, and they’re all rolled up into one singularly awesome contraption: the Treepee.


Essentially a tent that is suspended from a tree via a sturdy tether, the Treepee is a kids’ getaway that lets them explore different kinds of play.


As a tent, the Treepee gives kids a secret hideaway to read a book, draw, or just relax surrounded by the sounds of nature. More adventurous kids can stand up in the Treepee for a surfing-type sensation or use it as a gentle outdoor swing.


Kids who don’t like the rocking sensation can use the Treepee when it is tethered to the ground by each corner. They can bounce inside with the opening zipped up and not worry about falling out.


Pockets on the inside allow plenty of space for storing toys and books, and an included bag on a pulley lets kids pull supplies up to their hideout.


The Treepee has bug net windows to keep the creepy-crawlies out, it’s water-repellent and fire-resistant, and the fabric is UV 50+ protected to keep delicate skin safe.