tree house in nature

Whether it be a waterfall running through your home, or a tree rising up into it, there is something awe-inspiring about directly integrating nature with architecture.

tree house forest

Tree In the House is a conceptual design by A.Masow that takes tree hugging to new heights, enclosing one tree from a forest filled with them in a minimalist multi-story cylinder.

tree house concept renderings

Except where privacy is needed, the floor plates are wide open and supports as minimal as possible. A single staircase spirals up around the outer edge of the building just inside the enclosure.

tree house

Wood and white platforms break on the sides to let the stairs through, then again in the center so the tree can pass each level, opening onto a double-height space at the highest floor.

tree house model detail

Naturally, systems and structural engineers will need to suspend their disbelief just a bit – heating, cooling and dealing with lateral loads could be tricky, to say the least – but as a concept, the idea is quite beautiful, regardless.