… and at first glance, it almost looks like an structure one could occupy. Alas, it is only a piece of art. ‘Only’ because it could be so much neater if someone could actually live, work and/or play inside of it – a useful and unique addition to the surrounding townhouses.

To be fair, for Michael Johansson this is the latest in a long line of really amazing artworks (from super-sized sculptures to installation projects) that do not ‘work’ in a strictly functional sense, but are still inspiring. This piece in particular, though, seems so close to being a ‘real’ space one could use.

Shipping containers, garbage bins, wood pallets, cars, tractors, trailers, refrigerators and motor homes may not be the normal building blocks we are used to but they provide a lovely contrast of structural solids, sculptural figures and spaces in between.

There is a point to the trash heap (no negativity meant to be implied) titled ‘Self Contained’ – something about modernization and industrialization – but as a work of camouflage ‘garbage coutoure’ it is perhaps best appreciated as an aesthetic object, or perhaps architectural inspiration.