‘BoxinBox’ is a series of striking glass storage solutions from Glas Italia, created and designed in collaboration with globally-renowned furniture and product designer, Philippe Starck

It almost seems a shame to put anything in it!

Glas Italia’s creations, often in collaboration with famous designers,  are contemporary yet classically opulent and timeless.

Glas Italia (as the name transparently suggests) is an Italian glass design company, that specializes in designer glass furniture and glassware, including consoles, tables, cutting-edge storage solutions and exquisite vases. The company’s unique products are handmade by master craftsmen in the town of Macheria: It is located on the outskirts of Milan, arguably the design capital of the world, and also the site of their flagship store (pictured above).

‘Verglas’ dining table

The thing with glass is…you can see through it. So, if you fashion it into furniture (and there now follows a selection of Glas Italia glass tables that arguably illustrate the apex of glass furniture design), then its sheer ‘mass’ is almost illusory; it disappears into its surroundings, yet holds up whatever you care to place or display on top.

‘Atlantis’ glass table – almost looks submerged in its surroundings

Tables allow you to sit, dine, write, draw – or just be comfortable. Glass tables also introduce a surreal, fantasy element to furniture design. Subtle yet substantial, they blend into their surroundings and add just a little touch of fantasy.

‘Alister’ by Glas Italia

There is a fragility yet a toughness to tables made from glass that gives them an elegance that is totally compelling.

‘Kooh-I-Noor’ coffee table

Unobtrusive, yet very much a design statement and of course, very functional, Glas Italia glass tables add another dimension – that of sheer desirability.

‘Bent’ coffee tables

Curved and organic, or angular and sharp, Glas Italia tables are simple, yet intriguing.

‘Drawn’ coffee table

‘Mirror’ console table

Mirrored panels on the ‘Mirror’ table reflect their surroundings, thus piling on the opulence.

‘Pipeline’ dining or office table

Everyday objects appear to float in their space, though they are placed squarely (or obliquely) on a table top.

‘Hub bistrot’ tables by Glas Italia

‘Calice’ side tables

‘Hub’ bistro tables

Appearing to be semi-solid, the colored glass tops and bases of the ‘Hub’ bistro table and ‘Calice’ side table add substance and color as well as a sharp look and attitude.

Glas Italia vases

Jean-Marie Massaud sculptural vases

Glas Italia vase by Jean-Marie Massaud

If you’re struggling to find something suitably fabulous to put on your Glas Italia glass table, then here’s a suggestion – these smoked glass and opaque, laquered ceramic Glas Italia vases were designed by Jean-Marie Massaud and cost around $1,200.

Philippe Starck 'Lady Hio' table

‘Lady Hio’ Glas Italia table designed by Philippe Starck

Philippe Starck designed the ‘Lady Hio’ table in transparent or smoked and colored glass, in a selection of  yellow, warm grey and orange accents. It was introduced and exhibited at Salone del Mobile Milano – the Milan Furniture Fair 2016.

Glas Italia table by Philippe Starck

‘Lady Hio’ table in clear glass with orange accents

By collaborating with talented and renowned designers from around the world, Glas Italia furthers the company’s reputation for producing gorgeous glass artifacts. A table sits at the heart of any room and a custom-made Glas Italia table must surely make anyone’s heart skip a beat.