Transforming table

When you get your first look at this transforming multipurpose furniture design, it seems like it’s just an interesting modern table made of wood and leather. Streamlined and simple, it doesn’t appear to offer much more than your standard surface along with a shelf for storing ephemera. But there’s a lot more to the Calypso Chair than that.

Designed by Brandon Allen, this convertible piece folds out to offer a luxury sofa with optional armrests, and the seats have a few tricks to reveal as well, folding up from the flat table position in one of two directions, offering adjacent or opposed seating arrangements. The side supports flip inward to become reading, writing and/or computing surfaces.

The space underneath can be used as under-seat or beneath-coffee-table storage space for books, magazines and other odds and ends — maybe even extra beverages, TV remotes and laptop computers. The available configurations of the Calypso Couch make it easy to customize your seating to a variety of needs and purposes.

Calypso Convertible Table Chair

Transforming table chair couch

In any formation, this creative piece of furniture is somehow stylish and smooth – a series of flowing curved lines alternating between warm wood grain and cool gray leather. With the available chair-bench-couch-table-storage options offered by a design like this, one could conceivably work, play, recline and rest all in one place.

If there’s one thing we’d change about this space saving living room furniture concept, it would be the addition of just a little more padding. Kept exactly as it is, this piece is really best suited for business environments or people who care a lot more about having a streamlined modern look to their home rather than furniture that’s actually comfortable. But hey, you do you if you’re into this amount of foam. Maybe a few throw pillows would soften it up to a sufficient degree.