The more purposes a single piece of furniture can serve in a home, the more indispensable it becomes in a household. By that logic, the PixelTable from Studio Intussen is the one piece of furniture that no house should be without.


Just like the name implies, the PixelTable is made up of lots of small pieces: long rectangular blocks. They can be pushed in to create a recessed cubby space or pulled out to make an instant shelf. The table changes to suit your needs, holding exactly what you want it to.


The resemblance to a big pile of Jenga pieces can’t be ignored, and it’s appropriate that the table pieces can be pushed out of the pile to create a new shape. The bamboo blocks can then be arranged back into a neat cube.



The PixelTable appears to be just a neatly-stacked cube of bamboo sticks with no defining structure holding them all together. If so, it would be rather difficult to keep the pieces from falling apart when you shift the sticks around.