transforming tablet desk
When space is at a premium but you still need a dedicated area for work or homework, you can either work on the couch with a laptop (as this writer is prone to do) or you can find a piece of furniture that fits both your space constraints and your work requirements.
tablet desk
tablet desk
The Tablet Desk 2.0 from Bee9 Design Studio is a transforming piece of furniture that goes from compact side table to full-on home office with just a few fluid moves. As a bonus, the desk/table is small enough to fit through any doorway easily, unlike just about every other desk.
desktop recess
cord storage
The handcrafted desk was designed for the technology-loving small-space dweller. Every facet of the desk is meant to accommodate the many technology needs of the modern human. With pieces that deftly move into place or out of the way, the desk somehow anticipates the current and future needs of users.
tablet backrest
folded up tablet desk

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The designers realize that different people use different technology, so the desk is built to be a sturdy home for whatever electronic devices you happen to use. It has places to stash cords, recesses to support iMacs, and even a sturdy backrest for a tablet. Magnetic legs support a flip-up surface that is perfect for writing, studying, or taking a quick nap before you start on that next urgent project.