sharifi-ha house tehran

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In Tehran, this majestic and highly unusual house boasts too many luxurious elements to detail. But undoubtedly some of the most visible and enviable features are the three rotating faces which allow the interior of several rooms to entirely change functions.

seven level tehran home

tv room sharifi-ha house

The seven-story Sharifi-ha House by Iranian architects Nextoffice is a stunning practice in turning a two-dimensional space into a three-dimensional one. Three of the home’s levels feature pivoting volumes which can rotate out 90 degrees at the touch of a button.

rotating rooms seven level tehran home

tehran house with rotating facades

In the summer, the rotating rooms can be opened to both bring in more sunlight and to provide some lovely outdoor terrace spaces. The ingenious design is all motorized, and the movement of the rotating volumes includes the dispatch of necessary stairs, handrails, and safety features to make the newly-defined spaces safe and livable.

rotating rooms sharifi-ha house

tehran home with rotating rooms

Each of the moving volumes can be rotated separately, allowing the residents to customize their living space in a way that no other home does. The spatial transformations are, in a way, a nod to traditional Iranian homes which feature different living spaces for summer and for winter. The Sharifi-ha House just does it in a spectacularly modern way.

multi-level transforming home

seven level transforming house

The very large home contains a total living space of 15,000 square feet and other luxurious touches such as an elevator, indoor swimming pool, and large private gym.

swimming pool lower level sharifi-ha house

transforming house tehran

The below-ground levels of the home contain the gym, pool and other recreational facilities. The ground floor houses parking facilities and staff quarters. The higher floors contain communal areas, bedrooms, bathrooms and plenty of space for lounging and visiting. The incredible home was completed in 2013 and is a testament to the architectural firm’s skill in designing a highly complex but still exceedingly lovely abode for some very lucky residents.