Unless you’re lucky enough to have enormous walk-in closets, you’ve probably wished at least once or twice for more space to hang your clothes and accessories. While many of us use tricks like doubling up the pieces of clothing on each hanger, A’postrophe Design has a most stylish and functional answer to the closet conundrum.

Simply named Hanger, the design from Ivan Zhang is made of a flexible rubber material that allows it to act either as a standard hanger or a double hanger.

Starting out in a simple oval-like shape with a hook at the top, Hanger is deceptive in its appearance. Pulling the top and bottom parts of the hanger apart will begin to form a new shape: two horizontal ledges with a hoop beneath each.

The new shape allows more pieces of clothing to hang in the same amount of space. An entire outfit, including accessories like scarves, belts, and necklaces, can be hung together on just one hanger.

This type of organization could be tremendously helpful for people who have trouble putting together an outfit first thing in the morning – they can simply hang up coordinating items days in advance. And since the clothing storage areas of Hanger are separated, you can change out one or two pieces of the outfit without having to take everything off of the hanger.