Unfolding transforming portable desk

This is just one creative, portable and transforming furniture design from Creative Industrial Products which manages to serve a number of functions, be visually interesting but also fit in many contexts from home to work. Each form serves a unique purpose and the whole is visually interesting but also follows its function.

The Ci Desk is ideal for people working within small spaces, or those who have to move their workspaces often. It contains virtually everything you need in a tiny package, and it’s handsome to boot.

Ci Desk closed

Packed up tight, this design is essentially a box on wheels – something simple but aesthetically pleasing that can be tucked in the corner, rolled next to your desk and generally ignored. If you want to use it for simple storage it will work – but it also folds out to have a laptop desk and other convenient functionality. Their other designs include rolling tray combinations and creative fold-out storage devices.

ci desk unfolded
ci desk drawers

From Apartment Therapy:

“When more than one person share an office, things can get cramped very quickly, especially if you are both working from home. That’s why people enjoy finding different places to work on their computers. But most of the time, these places are haphazard. Almost all of us enjoy working on a sofa or in the living room for a while. That’s the reason why the Ci Desk is so interesting, since it enables you to deploy your gear easily and almost anywhere in your house, without needing an extra desk.”

“The Ci Desk was created by Creative Industrial Objects, and it consists of a small work station mounted on a small cart with three wheels. This allows it to be ferried around easily. A variety of different shelves and drawers provide storage, which are perfect for technology devices and office supplies.”