djumpster house

Is there a worse place you can imagine living? One artist (or perhaps aspiring architect) has taken the dirtiest, most generic and cramped container you can think of and turned it into a multifaceted, fully-functional home.

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dumpster house detail

Inside: a working kitchen and toilet, storage and sleeping areas. Outside: modular components can be added to create a shaded rooftop deck (complete with dancing pole), somewhat breezy outdoor shower, an impromptu flower bed, grill, bar and more.

inside dumpster house

Onsite gas and water storage makes it work all-but-off-the-grid (with the notable exception of electricity – for now). Gregory Kloehn has kept decor to a minimum, but added plywood and carpet to surfaces as needed.

Best of all: you can hide this sucker in plain sight and no one would be the wiser – what’s one more rusted green dumpster sitting alongside the street or tucked away in an urban ally, anyway?

While it might not win any architectural beauty pageants, it sure beats living (directly) on the streets. And yes, thanks to positive feedback, Kloehn will also build you your very own for under $5,000.

From The Daily Mail:

“An eccentric designer has created a home out of a dumpster, complete with working kitchen, toilet and shower. Gregory Kloehn spent seven months converting a street skip into a permanent residence. He fitted a kitchen, toilet, shower, living and sleeping areas, all within the tiny confines of the typical dumpster.”

dumpster house street

“At night, the home can be transformed to protect it from vandals by lowering the roof and windows to return its look to a giant trashcan. San Francisco-based Gregory, a descendant of Abraham Lincoln, got the inspiration while building a home out of a shipping container. He said: ‘I would look over the fence at a dumpster on the adjacent property.'”

“‘After some time I realized the dumpster, with its pitch roof, looked more like a home then the containers – it was just like a little metal tent. ‘I knew from that moment I was going to transform a dumpster into a home.’ The interior boasts granite work surfaces, a stainless steel sink and back splash, commercial stove and toaster oven, finished off with a hardwood floor.”