Whether you live in a small apartment or a sprawling mansion, chances are there are going to be times when you get the sudden urge to paint a wall lime green, buy a bright red couch, or toss around some yellow throw pillows. White walls may look clean and bright, but the fact of the matter is that human beings crave color in their lives. Our moods and attitudes are even affected by color.

HARU Removable Design Tape

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Nitto, a longtime leader in the design and production of insulation material and adhesive tape for medical, electrical, and industrial applications, has recently rocked the DIY decorating world with HARU, a self-described “space decoration tape.” Unlike similar products that have come before it, HARU is easily applied and removed from walls, ceilings, uncarpeted floors, appliances, and other non-porous items without causing any harm or leaving residue behind.

Endless Possibilities

HARU Removable Design Tape

HARU covers all the bases in the realm of temporary decorating options. The tape is available in seven different color groups, with 10 shades in each group. There are even graphics groups to mix and match with those colors, including those made from traditional Japanese paper, polyester, and transparent polypropylene. Tape widths range from just under two inches to almost two feet in length.

More Colors than a Rainbow

HARU Removable Design Tape

Each one of HARU’s color groups has been given a creative name that conjures up assorted shades you’ve seen throughout your life. The “Deep Forest” selection includes all the shades of the forest, from the light green of new growth to the deep, nearly black green of moss. The “Lip Stick” category strives for a similar kind of comprehensiveness with shades of red, featuring petal pink, ruby red, and everything in between.

The blues in the “Endless Ocean” group reflect the many hues created in the sea by sunlight and shadows. Variations of yellow make up the “Bright Earth” tape collection, encompassing a myriad of golden colors that can be found all over the world. Still, nothing represents the subdued tones of the world better than “Dry Flowers.” The delicate colors in this group are perfect for complementing saturated tints.

HARU Removable Design Tape

“Neon Candies” consists of vibrant colors that excite and delight, much like the sweet treats children adore. By contrast, the “Royal Pearl” tape colors celebrate the subtle twinkle of grand jewels, silver, and gold, all of which can easily be used to enhance the allure of other colors.

Graphics Galore

HARU Removable Design Tape

Colors may kick up the personality of a room, but it’s the graphics that provide just the right amount of contrast. The company’s “Misty Night” graphic tape adds those achromatic tones that that are famous for making color schemes pop. The “Geometric” tape uses simple shapes to add life to flat colors and create the illusion of motion. The “Traditional Japanese” tape selections are mostly transparent, but they have been enhanced with gentle depictions of natural beauty and reflect various aspects of Japanese spirituality.

Thanks to Nitto, you can now add dramatic color and fun patterns to any room or object on a whim. HARU makes altering your environment as easy as changing clothes.