Glass Seaside House

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A glittering glass and bronze home steps down a steep hillside toward the Pacific Ocean in Big Sur, California. Stopping just short of a 250-foot drop, the Buck Creek House by Fougeron Architecture is a narrow, sleek three-bedroom residence made of two rectangular boxes in alternating opaque and transparent cladding.

Glass Seaside House 2

The top volume, higher on the hillside, contains the main entry and most of the common living areas, with subtle changes in roof planes differentiating various functions. The lower volume, acting as the master bedroom suite, cantilevers 12 feet from the bluff, with incredible views from floor-to-ceiling windows.

Glass Seaside House 3

Glass Seaside House 4

You’d never guess the inspiration behind the narrow, stepped design: the architects took cues from the native banana slug. The shape protects the home from strong northwestern winds and creates a sheltered terrace on the sunny southern side.

Glass Seaside House 5

The all-glass library and den acts as the hearth of the house, unifying the common and private spaces and taking full advantage of the stunning setting.