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We all love fresh fruit, but finding a moldy, squishy pear in the bottom of the fruit bowl is enough to scare anyone off of their recommended daily servings for a few days. The Stretchy Bowl‘s design keeps fruit fresh longer while conserving precious cabinet space.

The bowl is made of a rigid metal base and a circular piece of elastic fabric attached to a metal hoop. When empty, it looks a bit like a trampoline. But when you begin piling fruit on the fabric, it expands into a bowl shape that is limited only by the size of the base.

The special fabric allows the fruit to breathe, meaning that there will no longer be that one lone orange rotting away at the bottom thanks to being smothered by other fruit.

When not being used, the bowl can be flattened to take up almost no space at all. If you do manage to forget about your fresh fruit and something goes bad, the fabric is washable.