two story treehouse

On an old farmstead in Garrison, New York, this awesome treehouse just begs to be played in. Though not technically a treehouse since it’s built on supports rather than trunks, it sits high above the ground keeping the nearby trees company.

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Created by Sharon Davis Design, the 350-square-foot treehouse has two levels: the main level and a crow’s nest. Entry to the structure is through a custom climbing net and a trap door; the second level is accessed via a ladder on the first floor leading up to a second trap door.

two story treehouse top
two story treehouse slide

At the very top, in the crow’s nest, you’ll find a beautiful mahogany writing desk and an area open to the view toward the meadow and apple orchard. When you’re ready to leave the top level, a twisty stainless steel slide will deposit you back on the first level.

two story treehouse net
two story treehouse bridge

Just under the slide is another net that acts as a sweet lounge area. The view from this side of the treehouse is a wide vista of the Hudson River Valley. On the opposite end of the structure, a little balcony looks back toward the main house on the property.

two story treehouse ladder
two story treehouse hammock

When you’re done playing (or mom is yelling that it’s dinnertime), the treehouse’s exit is via two support poles that double as fireman’s poles to take you back down to the ground. The whole treehouse – as big as some apartments! – is made of steel and reclaimed white cedar siding.

“Entry to the structure is via a custom climbing net and a trap door. A ladder leads up through a second trap door to the crow’s nest above, which hosts a mahogany writing desk with views toward the meadow and apple orchard. A custom stainless steel slide arcs between the roof deck and main space, forming an elegant sculptural object beneath which visitors relax in a lounging net.”