Kasthall carpets

Rich colors are only the superficial attraction of these visually stunning Swedish carpets from Kasthall. Woven and hand-tufted this is one of the few remaining major sources of rugs in the world that can be considered in many ways handmade.

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Kasthall goose eye rug

Within a set of general principles by which they design and processes they use to manufacture, Kasthall creates each rug as a custom made-to-order product so each individual one is still unique.

Kasthall Swedish carpet design

Beyond their aesthetic attractiveness, one of the neatest features is the combination of traditional weaving process with modern product – the synthesis of hand production with modern machine technology and global distribution.

Whether or not you end up wanting a rug from this particular company it does highlight something to watch for when shopping around for any home design or decoration element: an attention to craft, detail and history. There’s a big difference between a mass-produced rug and one that’s made of quality materials, with skill and care.

“Kasthall is a Swedish company, designing and producing rugs & textile flooring for the global interior design community. Since 1889, the Kasthall factory in Kinna, West Sweden, has created rugs for all kinds of clients and spaces; from beautiful residences, lux yachts, and exotic hideaways to cool offices, boutique hotels and the Swedish Royal Castle. “

Kasthall carpet close up

“Kasthall is about transforming a vision into a realistic design solution for the floor. To create a Kasthall rug, there are several ingredients; high expertise and craftsmanship, the finest natural materials in the world, and excellent design understanding. Every step and every rug is guided by two motivations: perfection and passion. “

“We choose our materials with the utmost care. Aside from appearance, it is important that the yarns we use have the characteristics we demand for various types of settings, such as wear resistance, fire resistance and environmental requirements. Our woven and hand tufted rugs are therefore made almost exclusively from the finest natural materials; wool and linen.”