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What does an artist need to work? In theory, both vivid inspiration (for an idea) as well as a clear head (for its execution). This remote dwelling addresses both of these needs at the same time.

Saunders Architecture is in the process of constructing a series of such spaces – each with its own architectural character – on the Fogo Islands of Canada.

For starters: the scenery is stunning – there is no way for a building to begin to compete with its rich complexity, nor need for it to try. Hence the simple geometries of the exterior, responding wonderfully to the water, rocks and grass surrounding it. Hence: inspiration.

Inside, the story is quite different: entirely-white walls, floors and ceilings create the ultimate gallery-like blank slate, making for a clean and clera working space, with windows framing those inspiring exterior views.

None of this is to suggest that the structure is empty of meaning, or that it blends in with its site – but the way it stands out is strikingly apt, more like an aged monument than a modern building.