topoware setting

With our ever-expanding culture of online maps and digitized directions, designers are finding a renewed fascination with the art of topography – layered lines representing elevation shifts in space. Topoware is one such creative example.

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topoware stacked

This delightful dinnerware set appropriates this linear language to create a unique three-dimensional dining experience where custom curves denote different amounts of food and states of hunger (hungry, greedy, full, modest, moderate and more).

topoware map inspired plates

What has started with bowls, plates and place mats may also be expanded to encompass knives, forks, spoons and glasses. For now, though, the idea is enough to generate interest and hopefully sell enough to expand this creative designer line of custom tableware.

From designer Amanda Lahens:

“You need to choose a perfect plate! Every aspect of the plate visual must be taken in mind. You need to select the right shape, proper size, and color that compliments your dish. Topoware is an amazingly interesting concept that took inspiration in topographic maps, and elevations in the landscape. We could consider this concept as going 3D with the shape of the plate. Bringing levels to the table, you are creating a new dimension to the game.”

topoware detail

“The next thing to do is to place your ingredients. There are many tips and tricks on how to do it and I will try to explain the most important things. First of all, you should place ingredients in the right order, and picturing a clock can help you with it. Protein needs to be between 3 and 9m carbs from 9 to 12, and veggies from 12 to 3. Every moist ingredient needs to be served as the base of the dish and avoid overcrowding your plate. My favorite rule is to always serve odd amounts of food! It creates more of the visual appeal, and your mind is being tricked to think that you are getting more food.”