When you think of getting organized, your first thought might not be of your shower. After all, you’re only in there once a day, right? But that doesn’t mean your shower can’t be a well-organized haven of relaxation where everything is in its proper place (and looking fab, of course). Plus, keeping your shower organized is a great way to maximize your shower space – so whether you’re a fan of tons of fancy products or a minimalist multitasker, you’re utilizing your space to be both functional and user-friendly. Even better, a well-organized shower is easier to keep clean, too!

If all of this has made you want to change up your shower feng shui, then keep reading for some of our favorite ways to save shower space.

Note: Before you get started, be sure your shower is squeaky clean and ready for your fancy-schmancy new organizer(s). Get rid of what you don’t need or use, and plan for how you want everything to look when you’re finished. Taking measurements at this stage is also helpful (after all, you don’t want to spend money on that new shelf or organizer only to realize it doesn’t fit).

Now onto the list!

KINCMAX Shower Caddy Basket Shelf

This shower caddy is a best-seller on Amazon, and with good reason. It’s reviews are crazy good with over 15,000 perfect ratings, and it’s also garnered a reputation as one of the best shower organizers on the market. Unlike many shower caddies, it doesn’t hang from your shower head but attaches to the wall with adhesives. Super easy to keep clean, it’s open-bottomed baskets are made with rust-resistant silver metal. With both shelves and hangers, you’ll definitely love this 2-in-1 caddy. Grab it now for just $22.99 (down from $29.99).

iDesign Metalo Over-the Door Hanging Shower Organizer

If your shower is teeny-tiny, then this shelf is a great way to maximize your space. Fitting over most standard shower doors, this organizer has a total of four baskets to keep all your products tidy. Users especially love the outside baskets because they’re ideal for larger items. Plus, you won’t ever have to worry about rust being an issue (even after long-term use) with this attractive wire organizer. Now available from $25.72 (down from $34.99).

Preston Shower Flex Caddy

Looking for something a little different? Then check out this stylish caddy from Preston. Made from rust-free silicone, it’s easy to clean and looks great hanging over your shower head or door. It contains two adjustable shelves and four hooks for additional storage. This caddy is both fab and functional, and comes in one of three colors — a super cute addition to any shower. Pick it up over at the Urban Outfitters site for just $24.00

simplehuman Tension Shower Caddy

If you don’t love the idea of something sticking to your wall because of extra clutter, or you want to really max out your shower space, then this tension caddy might be just the thing for you. The great thing about these organizers is that they fit neatly in a corner for a no muss, no fuss storage solution. This one in particular is one of our faves because it’s ideal for carrying the weight of lots of items, whether you have a large family, are juggling shower space with multiple roomies, or are simply a connoisseur of luxe bathing products. With adjustable shelves and hooks for easy customization, this caddy does it all. Get it at the Home Depot for $129.99.

Orimade Shower Caddy

If you’re looking to eliminate clutter on the ledge of your bathtub, then you may want to try these stainless steel shelves from Orimade. They’re rust-proof and durable, boasting easy to stick-on suction cups. With roomy shelves and additional hooks on the front and sides, these stylish caddies are the ultimate space savers. They come in either two or three packs for your convenience. Grab the two-pack on Amazon for just $25.99 (down from $30.99).

Let’s face it: our showers could all use a little sprucing up, whether it’s to maximize a tiny space or just to transform an average shower into something more. With these stylish and functional shower organizers you’ll soon be eliminating clutter, getting uber-organized, and rocking the shower of your dreams.

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