Glass Furniture Series 1

Glass is cold, uncomfortable and highly dangerous when broken, so how would you feel about lounging in a recliner that uses it as its main material? This glass furniture collection by Konstantin Grcic aims to help us get beyond the ‘psychological barrier’ that prevents us from interacting more robustly with this fragile material.

Glass Furniture Series 2

The transparent series of chairs, tables and shelving units certainly looks like it would break if you put too much pressure on it – would you trust that chair back to support your weight? Yet pistons, hinges and cranks incorporated into each design support various elements and keep lids from slamming closed.

Glass Furniture Series 3

Glass Furniture Series 4

A piston on the chair back, attached with black silicone pads, enables slight adjustment of the angle. Others apply tension to wood blocks in a cabinet to hold books upright. The designer incorporated these gas pistons to “create movement in a very magical, soft way” to give us more confidence in the strength of each piece.

Glass Furniture Series 5

“As well as the perception that glass is cold, there is a psychological belief that maybe it is fragile and could break and hurt you. I am forcing you to interact, to touch it and interact with it and to overcome this psychological barrier.”