Tom & Jerry House Play Room

Inspired by the classic cartoon Tom and Jerry from the 1940s, this fun vacation home for a family with four children features lots of space to run and hide. Opened up to free circulation to fully engage the occupants with the space and each other, the home is packed with jumping nets, sliding surfaces and other interactive elements.

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Tom & Jerry House kids fun
Tom & Jerry House balls

“Jerry House is the holiday home at Cha Am Beach of Mr. and Mrs. Sahawat who have four sons,” say the architects. “In 2011, they asked Onion to turn their seaside house that was then under construction into the gathering place for the Family’s members and friends. The requirement is to create a holiday home that behaves unlike a typical house, where minimal circulation is the norm, but rather like a playground where members of the Family are encouraged to play in such a way that none of their domestic spaces in Bangkok would enable them to.”

Tom & Jerry House hammock net
Tom & Jerry House mezzanine hangout

A three-story open space within the living area serves as a central play area with five hammock nets strung at various heights and slops, connecting to different levels of the home. Holes in each net make it easy to drop from one level to the next.

Tom & Jerry House beds
Tom & Jerry House adult bedroom

A mirrored film attached to the ceiling makes anyone playing on the nets feel like they’re floating on air when they look up, visually expanding the space. Even the bedrooms are playful, with unexpected upside-down cutouts and tunnels leading to the common areas.

“Running, climbing, hiding, hanging and even falling are the proposed physical activities which exceed the boundary of common lifestyle. This is why Onion bases this interior design project on an American animated series of short films created in 1940, ‘Tom and Jerry’. If the house of Jerry Mouse were built, it might appear like a big piece of cheese in which the Möbius strip would be a desirable route for Jerry to run away from Tom Cat. Jerry House is thought of as the object that children would yearn for and that increases the meaning of having a holiday at Cha Am Beach for the parents.”