swedish tiny bohemian apartment

In a total of 90 square meters, this Swedish apartment fits an entire stylish home into an impossibly tiny space. The narrow staircase just inside the entrance leads to a small but dramatic loft space, which is just the introduction to a modern and bohemian living area.

living space swedish apartment

A comfortable living area has been created using muted colors with little splashes of bright hues and whimsical details. A working fireplace brightens the main living area.

bedroom and loft

Strategically placed skylights bring in natural light, while suspended bare-bulb fixtures add to a feeling of modern living.

bathroom and kitchen

Even the kitchen and bathroom have a thoroughly modern edge, but they are not without their rustic charm: textured walls and scattered live plants smooth out the modern look.

study and kitchen

The living space, overall, feels so much brighter and larger than you might expect from such a small space.

terrace space

Easily the most striking feature of the apartment is the impressive terrace which opens up off of the kitchen area. Filled with a comfortable sitting area and tons of plants, the terrace seems like one of the coziest places to spend a relaxing evening.

(via: Freshome)