studio with built in storage

A small room in an artist’s Tel Aviv apartment was converted into a beautiful studio that is virtually flooded with natural light and packed to the rafters with bespoke storage.

color coded artist storage loft

hidden pull out bed

The tiny 15 square meter (around 161 square feet) room includes two walls of windows, so expanding the room was out of the question. The artist needed a comfortable space in which to work that included ample storage, so architect Raanan Stern created a unique space.

wall of storage

bespoke storage

Because the artist has a large collection of art and objects, the architect designed a storage system that was literally designed to fit its contents. The architect and his team spent four weeks measuring each and every object to be stored, then designed a color-coded system to keep them all organized.

color coded storage

pegboard storage

The drawers and storage units all display their colors when they are pulled out, keeping the artist’s keepsakes and daily art supplies close at hand. A pegboard wall allows for additional unconventional storage and display of objects.

artists studio tel aviv

pull out bed

The space was meant to accommodate regular day-to-day living as well, so a pull-out bed was installed in one wall behind a sliding panel. The bed allows the room to be used as a guest room as well as the perfect creative space.