Alcoves, cubbies, and niches, oh my! This apartment in Paris began as a tiny, dark, cramped space with far too many doors and barriers. H2O Architects turned it into an open, light-filled, airy home with abundant storage for the owner’s extensive collection of comics.

The Front and Back Apartment started out with a mind-boggling six rooms squeezed into its small 60 square meters floor space. Too many doors and too many walls made the home feel even smaller than it really was.

Thanks to a series of movable walls, the apartment became a fantastically open space. The walls all feature ample niches in which the owner’s collection of comics, books and other objects can reside comfortably.

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The reverse sides of the moving walls hide functions like a work space, a bathroom or a closet. They can be shifted to change the layout of the apartment or simply to give the resident a new view of his collections.