Ienami Bonkei planter set miniatures

It would be difficult not to be enamored of miniature towns figurines, but when those miniature towns take the form of a whole series of little planters they become completely irresistible. The Ienami Bonkai planters from Metaphys are ridiculously adorable and resemble green-roofed homes.

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Ienami Bonkei planter set

The bright white stone containers are all square-ish with tiny steps leading up their outsides, making them look just like houses. The insides of the containers are meant to be filled with dirt and plants to make the houses complete by adding a green roof.

Ienami Bonkei planter set empty

The “buildings” come in a few different configurations: some have several planting chambers while others have just one, and different stair styles are used on some of the planters.

The planters are cute enough on their own, but they look their best when grouped together into a little village. And if you equip the village with tiny animals and people like in the picture, you’ll no doubt have hours of fun playing with your villagers and your town full of beautiful mini architecture

Ienami Bonkei planter set mini city

From Japan Trend Shop:

“Metaphys, our favorite Japanese household accessories brand for people with regular budgets, has come up with this awesome plant vessel, Ienami. The name means a row of houses and that’s what you get here, an elegant model of a residential building, complete with stairs leading up to the roof where your greenery is flourishing.”

“It is ideal for planting and growing small foliage like moss. You could also vary the greenery color and type between each rooftop planter for a spectacular result that you will never tire of watching develop.”

Ienami Bonkei planter set close up

“The miniature ‘town’ allows you to indulge in the ancient Japanese art of Bonkei, a micro landscape of foliage. There are also four distinct versions to choose from: hiroba (which means ‘square’ or ‘plaza’), roji (‘alley’), zigzag or tunnel. Or you can get all four and create a whole street!”