Small spaces can be some of the most inviting living spaces on Earth – if they are well made. Spanish architects Elii took an attic space of only 57 square meters (just over 613 square feet) and made it into an awe-inspiring apartment with hidden elements everywhere.
central column
They call the apartment Didomestic. In its terrifically small space, it includes a central column that contains a staircase and storage. Two slivers of space on either side of the core contain a kitchen, bathroom, appliances and more storage.
moving walls
Transparent panels can be moved and shifted to create different rooms or change the shape of some spaces. When the panels are all closed up, the apartment flows freely from one room to the next. Certain panels can be moved to create an additional room or close the living room off from the kitchen.
ceiling storage
ceiling swing
didomestic hammock
Various trap doors and hidden compartments open to reveal storage cubbies, sitting areas, and even a fun swing or hammock hanging from the ceiling.
kitchen table
kitchen table and chairs
In the kitchen, the table and chairs pull down from the ceiling to create a fluid, completely changeable cooking and dining area.
bath in-floor storage
floor recess

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This apartment uses its small space to its advantage more than almost any other. The pop-up dressing table and in-floor storage space next to the bathtub are unforgettable features that make the Didomestic apartment stand out from its small-space counterparts.