Hanging map textiles and geographic rugs can add rich decorative touches to a space, but the form and materiality rarely reflect the topography they represent. This project makes 2D representations into 3D realities in a brilliantly tactile fashion.

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It started with a plan by Laurens van Wieringen: each square on a large grid assigned a specific color and height. Next come boxes and boxes of soft packing-peanut-style foam cut to various lengths and curved along the top edge.


Once colored, these provide the building blocks for the final work of hand-crafted carpeting … soft but variegated under one’s feet. The slopes are gradual and material sufficiently soft to make the experience fun but essentially child-safe too.


Their workshop reminds me somewhat of walking through the half-finished work of Maya Lin for a wooden landscape art installation in Seattle – since my team was assisting in the setup, we got to view the process behind the build. Similarly, stacks of wood were piled and waiting to be placed in specific positions to reflect various heights in a form of three-dimensional pixelation.

About the designer:

“Van Wieringen Ontwerp focusses on design and concept development for interiors, offices, restaurants, hotels and exhibition stands, product design such as vases, lamps, chairs for manufacturers but also custom made furniture. The studio has been founded by Laurens van Wieringen in 2003. Many great collaborations and project have been part of the journey so far.”

“In 2015 the studio has expanded by collaborating with Tin can Customs. Focussing on building foodtrucks, mobile kitchens and other restaurant, hotel and catering presentations which are designed in house as well. (We are) Always motivated and open to new exciting projects. With years of experience our expertise is very brought. From concept development to design, product design/development and building.  Our challenge is to create the image that you wish to achieve. Together we set the objective, this is leading for us to come up with the most practical and unique concept, preferably without concession.”