Now that there are fewer hours in the day and shorter months and years, we…oh, wait. It only feels like that. The more gadgets and time-saving devices we have, the more we seem to feel frazzled, running around chasing our tails, always talking about how busy we are while getting so little done.
Of course, there are plenty of apps and gadgets out there to help us manage our time and stay firmly on task, but even they can get swallowed up in the minutiae of the day and its routines.
Enter the TimeFlip, whose beauty lies mainly in its simplicity. There are no visible bells and whistles on it, but rest assured, they are safely hidden away in the device’s guts. All you have to do is assign different tasks to each of the foldable plastic device’s 12 sides. Write down tasks and projects with a non-permanent marker, or use the special stickers included in select craft and DIY sets (you can no doubt use your own stickers, too). When a particular side is facing up, the TimeFlip starts tracking how long you spend on it. Finished that task? Simply turn the device so another task is face-up and get busy. There’s a motion sensor inside that resets the tracker each time the device is flipped.
While the visible reminder of the TimeFlip itself might be enough to keep you on track, an accompanying mobile app is also collecting all your time stats behind the scenes and uploading them to the cloud. Want to see how long you spent catching up on e-mails? Wondering how many hours that DIY project took? Just check the app or the website: easy-to-read graphs reveal how much time you spent on different tasks each day, week, month…even within the span of a year. Now that’s accountability!
TimeFlip TimeFlip
Everyone has a different set of tasks and priorities, of course, so the designers made sure that the TimeFlip could be customized to fit everyone’s needs. In fact, there are many ways to do this — the only restriction is your creativity (and the amount of time you have…ahem). Use an accompanying magnetic plastic casing to swap covers quickly. There’s also a DIY kit, or a “stripped version of TimeFlip for customization,” according to the the designers. “You can 3D-print your own casing by downloading our models or developing your own. Any shape, color, material — your fantasy is the limit!”
The TimeFlip doesn’t interrupt you while you’re working, making it a perfect productivity tool for freelancers and other professionals who need to track the time they spend on billable projects. There’s also a business option, through which the company gives corporate customers an easy way to analyze the productivity of certain teams or divisions and optimize workflow.

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TimeFlip can be used to boost the usefulness of other time-management software you may already be using, such as Todoist, Trello, Toggle, or Zendesk, and it is compatible with both Android and iOS.