Time Killer 1

Need to kill some time? This suicidal clock made up of a saw embedded in a slice of wood will be happy to do it for you, but only when you aren’t paying attention. When you leave the room, ‘Time Killer’ will start sawing away. Come back in, and it’ll stop. This strange, seemingly sentient piece is one of a series of household items by Weng Xinyu entitled ‘Good Medicine Tastes Bitter.’

Time Killer 2

Time Killer 3

Time Killer 4

Another example is ‘Angry Lamp – The Lamp That Turns Off When It’s Not Needed.’ The simple black floor lamp has an arm looped around its own pull cord so if you leave the room without turning it off, it’ll do so itself. But it’s also picky about the level of brightness in the room. Turn on another lamp, and it’ll tone down the amount of light it’s emitting.

Time Killer 5

TIme Killer 6

‘Tangible Memory – The Poetic Photo Frame That Arouses Love in Heart’ will literally blur your memory if you don’t revisit it often enough. The longer the frame is left alone, the blurrier the photo inside will get until it finally fades into an unrecognizable mass of blotchy color. Touch the glass, and the image will slowly reappear.