tilting tower house exterior

Bending like a tree in the wind, this towering stark-white home would be eye-catching enough as-is, but the skylight stretching the entire roofscape does add a certain something. Still, all of that solar heat and light … and no one thought to put up a giant shade [insert ‘raise the roof joke here]?

tilting tower house interior skylight

Ah, well, they did – just not until after the fact. This is one of those wonderful design concepts that gets constructed to completion only to have the occupants realize that the idea might have been more fantastic than the reality of living in a space. Before- and after-occupation pictures illustrate the addition of a somewhat out-of-place (though still rather nice) cloth shade hung from walls near the skylight.

tilting tower house exterior 2

To be fair, there are many other marvelous design moves made throughout the interior of this home by the architectural masters at TNA – and the exterior facades are all quite something to behold – but it looks as if no one quite thought about the day-to-day implications of having a whole-roof skylight system.

tilting tower house interior circulation

Regardless, there remains a fascinating spatial progression: from the bottom floor, up winding spiral staircases and ultimately ending at the marvelous wide-open room right below an awesome all-glass roof.