When it comes to our subjective experience of spaces, perception can change everything. Once you know you are walking in a room or on a deck lofted over empty space, you start to feel closer to the forest canopy above … and further from the sloping-away ground below.

Three distinct pavilions are connected internally to form a single whole scaled to human occupation, not seeking to exist as a large mass amidst more slender natural growth.

Approaching the home, one is given a clear view of its relationship with the site before even entering. The dual effect of such an experience can be a combination of exhilaration at the elevation and comfort born from a sense of removal and distance.

Inside, a sense of openness admits structural supports and overhanging shelters mimics the canopy of trees as well, providing another connection to nature. This building by MMP Architects further uses various passive strategies to help it place nice with its environment, beyond just the look and feel.