roll chair uros vitas

Transforming furniture is fairly amazing universally, but dynamic roll-out cantilever chairs are in a class of their own. This design by Uros Vitas is the best of all worlds: easy and inexpensive materials, repetitive forms, portability and functionality.

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A band connects the various wooden pieces so the entire chair can roll up into a highly mobile unit akin to a sleeping bag or tent – perfect for camping or other outdoor uses.

roll up chair detail (1)

The unfolded form seems to balance impossibly but the segments reinforce one another and the flexibility translates into comfort for the person seated in the final configuration – a highly mass-produceable and brilliant blend of form and function.

Building a chair like this isn’t as easy as it looks. Witness this attempt by YouTuber 3×3 Custom Tamar (though it actually comes out looking pretty great):

A similar roll up chair design by Gerard van der Beek uses chain parts to achieve a similarly awesome effect.

About the original by Uros Vitas:

“MIESROLO, A Dinamic Cantilever Chair – In honor to Mies van der Rohe cantilever chair designs, and inspired by sustainable workshops at Wood Processing & Furniture Design (University of Belgrade, Faculty of Forestry) this roll-up cantilever chair was made of wood rests and synthetic bands / Mentor: docent Jelena Matic / Photos: Orange Studio.”

“1st at Wood Agency Contest Belgrade 2008, University of Belgrade’s Award for Best Scientific-Professional Work in 2007, Belgrade Furniture Fair Golden Key Award 2007, ULUPUDS diploma 2007”

About designer Uros Vitas:

“My interests are wide, yet, during studies at the University of Belgrade (TMD Furniture and Interior Design, Faculty of Forestry) thanks to Prof Jelena Matić and support of Prof Dušan Skakić, I had the unique opportunity, like my colleagues, to experience design; I had since been influenced by sustainability, innovation and social orientation, hoping to give a fair contribution to quality of life.”