Too lazy to wipe off your boots when coming inside? There’s a gadget for that. To be fair, most of us are fine with a few extra steps – at least when the alternative costs over five thousand dollars – but for those who just have to have it all, this may be the mat for you.

Most of the time, when it comes to shopping for rugs, mats and other floor coverings, we think in terms of  whether we can vacuum them clean or not. In this case, you don’t vacuum the rug. The rug vacuums you. Hey, it makes sense, right? You’re the one tracking all that dirt inside, not the other way around.

“The mat was developed by Paionia Furyokuki and its surface is perforated with valves that are only opened as they’re stepped on,” explains Gizmodo. “So as someone walks across the mat, it activates what are essentially a series of little vacuums that suck the dirt and debris off the sole of the shoe, and then into an external unit where it can be later disposed of.”

Creator Furyokuki has this to say about his creative entry mat solution:

“So far, mats have often been rented to users, and if they get dirty, the user replaces or cleans them. But with our product, the mat itself suctions dirt, so the mat is always clean. This mat has an unusual concept, as the mat itself stops dirt from being carried into a building, by cleaning people’s shoes.”

Now, to be fair, these vacuum floor mats are probably a great idea for high-traffic industrial spaces that are hard to keep clean, or for someone with a passion, say, for fixing and cleaning cars in their garage. And who knows: maybe with time the technology will become cheaper, and these will replace everyday mud mats in the modern home.