Mexican company Biofase is getting ahead of the eco-game with their innovative method of transforming avocado pits into biodegradable plastics for use as cutlery and straws. The brains behind the eco-friendly movement is ex-chemical engineering student Scott Munguia, whose drive is firmly rooted in wanting to solve Earth’s pollution problems.

Biofase has been working with biodegradable plastics ever since 2012, when Munguia was still a student. And since Mexico is so well known for its culinary dishes featuring the ever-popular guacamole, it only seems natural that he would choose to work with such a locally abundant resource. On top of that, avocado pits usually just end up being thrown away and burned along with other household waste at landfill sites.

Firmly believing that there was more to be done with those pits, Mungía spent 18 months researching and devising an efficient way to extract a biopolymer from each pit. This biopolymer could then be molded into any shape, thus facilitating the creation of the company’s signature eating utensils.

Upon being buried in the ground, Biofase’s products completely biodegrade in just 240 days. That’s pretty impressive when you compare it to all the fossil fuel-based plastics out there, which can take more than 100 years to decompose.