pulke herb food infuser

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If you like using herbs and spices in your cooking but hate picking little bits of rosemary out of your teeth after dinner, Tel Aviv-based design studio OTOTO has just the thing. This plastic chicken leg-shaped thing is an herb infuser. You fill it full of the herbs you want to cook with, stick it into the pot with the food while it cooks, and the flavor from the infuser seeps into the food.

chicken leg herb infuser

The product is called Pulke, which to an English speaker looks a little too close to a word we don’t want to associate with food. But in Yiddish the word (pronounced pool-kay) means chicken leg. The infuser helps to flavor your food in a simple and mess-free way, eliminating the need to fish out inedible herbs like bay leaves, star anise, and peppercorns.

pulke food infuser

The adorable herb infuser could also be used to make pots of spiced cider or mulled wine. Since these drinks require straining the spices out of the liquid before drinking, the Pulke could be a clever way to do that with no mess. As long as you can handle drinking a sweet beverage that’s had a chicken leg in it, anyway.