round black bomb vase

OK, the pun … it just could not be avoided. Apologies. Still, the vase concept by Mike Boylan is simply clever – if a bit cartoonish, like something straight out of a vintage animated Road Runner and Wiley Coyote sketch …

round black and white bomb vases

… or a pacifist variant on the classic Spy vs. Spy comic strips, in which the Black and White agents warred it out with weapons matching their color(less)-themed outfits. Except instead of white fuses and orange flames there are red-and-orange flowers sitting atop thin green stalks.

round white missile vase

Not so sure about the black ‘bomb vase’ and its potentially violent connotations? A bit further down the design spectrum is the less-lifelike ‘Peaceful Bomb‘ variant – bright white and somewhat absurdly shaped like a undetonated missile just upon impact, with the flower becoming the visually analogous alternative to the flaming rocket exhaust.