There is usually a wide distinction between functional and decorative objects. But the NODE collection from Odd Matter Studio embraces both facets of existence; these lamps function as regular lighting, but when turned off they become beautiful sculptures.


The lamps actually have to change their appearances to be turned on or off. One part of the lamp has to be moved to complete or break the electric circuit and, in turn, cause the light to come on or go out.



The sculptural lamps were designed to represent diagrams of electrical circuits. The concept is reinforced physically when you close or open the circuits by shifting the physical form of the lamp to control the electricity.



The designers were further inspired by other transforming home objects such as folding chairs and doors; both have to be moved and somewhat physically transformed in order to function.



The LED bulbs are encased in and, and the lamps’ forms enhanced by, copper and jesmonite bodies. These sculptural objects illuminate their surroundings not only with light, but with a delicate and graceful beauty not usually found in household lighting.