Startup company Lodge Outdoor has devised a truly outdoor speaker. Not only is it weather and waterproof, but it gets all its power needs from the sun. Launching on Kickstarter, the Lodge Solar Powered Speakers are covered in 180 square inches of advanced shatterproof solar panels that charge continuously during the day. The panels wrap around four of the speaker’s six sides, providing maximum sun ray capture even on cloudy days, and eliminating the need for power cords.

Lodge Solar Powered Speaker mounted in a tranquil outdoor space.

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That means there’s no extra setup for outdoor parties — the speakers are always ready to go with a full 15 hours of battery life. They connect to a music source via Bluetooth with up a 100-foot range.

Solar panels on the roof of the Lodge Solar Powered Speaker.

Setup only takes a few seconds. Each speaker comes with a magnetic stand that can be staked into grass, dirt, and other landscaping materials. The box can be easily pulled off the stand and transferred to another stand in a different part of the yard, brought inside, or taken on the road for mobile parties. If there’s ever a need for wired charging, the speaker also includes a USB-C port that can be used to power up other USB devices, too.

The sound quality is powerful, thanks to a four-inch passive subwoofer for bass, a ¾-inch tuned dome tweeter for high notes, a four-inch calibrated driver for clear and consistent audio, and a 50-Watt amplifier for volume. Two or more speakers can also be connected to create an even fuller, more immersive sound.

Graphic breakdown of all the parts that go into the Lodge Solar Powered Speaker.

Because outdoor speakers have to be able to stand up to intense weather conditions, the Lodge solar speakers were designed to handle everything from “the hot summers of the Arizona desert to the icy winters in Vermont.” To protect against damage from water, dust, and debris, the speakers are equipped with both UV-safe plastics for the housing and chip-proof industrial strength solar panels. Each one comes with a waterproof IP66 rating.

Morning dew accrues on the waterproof Lodge Solar Powered Speaker.

The speakers have been extensively tested and reviewed to ensure their quality is top notch. “We’ve been working on Lodge since late 2020 and have gone through hundreds of rounds of testing, user feedback, and iteration,” the company says on their Kickstarter page. “We’ve worked with audiophiles and designers from all over of the world to validate our design decisions and component selection, and we’ve completed countless hours of testing both in and outside of the lab. With the community’s help, we brought Lodge to where it is today and built a sound system the Lodge community is proud to support.”

People enjoy themselves outdoors while listening to music on a Lodge Solar Powered Speaker.

The company also tried to keep sustainability in mind when designing the speakers, allowing them to be disassembled and recycled so that parts could be repurposed in the future.

Lodge Solar Powered Speaker sits on table near the pool.

The Kickstarter campaign generated plenty more interest than expected. The company started with a $10,000 goal and raised over $250,000 by the time it ended. There was so much demand, in fact, that Lodge created a second crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo that raised another $270,000 in a month. The company hopes to start shipping their product to the first Kickstarter customers sometime this summer.