Everyone wants an apartment that’s stylish, artfully eclectic, and fits their personality and interests in a way that makes it feel like home. But these themed apartments take deco inspo to the next level by creating over-the-top homages to pop culture, decked out to the nines and creating instantly recognizable, vibrantly styled havens for lovers of everything from steampunk to Star Trek.

While we (sadly) can’t all live in the USS Enterprise, we can still bask in the creativity of these fab apartments, and perhaps find our own inspiration for creating quirky and fun spaces of our own.

A Bachelor Pad of the Future

When Tony Alleyne got divorced, he decided to turn lemons into lemonade by turning his Leicestershire, England apartment into a Trekkie’s paradise. Over a period of 10 years, he tricked out his apartment, doing the work himself without the aid of contractors or builders, and created the ultimate ode to Star Trek. A full-scale replica of the Enterprise’s iconic console, Scotty’s iconic transporters, and a plethora of architectural details and beautifully recreated items plucked from the famous fictional ship complete the Trek-lover’s space.

This Way to the Mushroom Kingdom

Love Super Mario Bros? Sure, we all do! But not all of us have the space or resources to turn our apartments into a tricked out Nintendo nation fit for the iconic brothers themselves. Located in Tokyo, this space is available to rent from Airbnb so anyone can get a taste of living inside a kitschy (yet fab) version of one of the most iconic games ever. The devil’s really in the details at this apartment, from yellow question blocks to mushroom patterned fabric and all the other little quirks that make it any Mario fan’s dream.

Steampunk Savvy

Straight out of a Miyazaki film like Howl’s Moving Castle, this steampunk-themed apartment ticks all the boxes. Zeppelins? Check. Submarine-style front door? Got it. Metal gears and industrial fixtures pulled from actual foundries? You know it. This 1800 square-meter New York City apartment is authentically steampunk, from the largest items like the 500 pound gears on the ceiling to the tiniest details like old wrenches used as cabinet door handles. The bed can even be raised and lowered using a switch made from a deactivated bomb!

Superhero Swag

Marvel’s juggernaut franchise The Avengers is represented perfectly in this chic decor that’s bold yet sophisticated. Singapore’s Absolook Interior Design created this Avengers-themed apartment whose over-the-top details, like the S.H.I.E.L.D symbol in the living room, and the iconic Avengers “A” in the dining room, fit perfectly with the clean lines, sharp angles, and subtle pops of color present in the rest of the space. Who wouldn’t want the world’s finest superheroes watching over them while they have dinner, or have Hulk glowering in the kitchen while they fix a midnight snack?

A Galaxy Far, Far Away

Star Wars fans are known to have some pretty cool swag — but most of them don’t devote their entire apartment to Lucas legend. Collector Choo Wong managed to turn his space into an ode to Star Wars that’s chic and packed with goodies without seeming cluttered. Darth Vader himself would be proud of the sophisticated home set-up, including black cabinets eerily lit from above and a decidedly Sith Lord vibe. Wong displays his collection with style and an eye for design that creates a space that’s livable and fun. Just check out the shelf that’s an ode to the galaxy’s most famous gangster himself: Jabba the Hutt.

These five themed apartments are all over-the-top in their own way, but any lover of pop culture will appreciate the attention to detail and kitschy design touches put into them.