It’s a concept yacht that allows us all to dream about things we likely can’t afford, in the most Italian, grandiose way possible. The Xenos even comes with a Bugatti thrown in, because, “why not?” Best of all, this land and sea vehicle combo will only set you back $39 million.

Lazzarini Design Studio has proven their ability to dream big with this superyacht and its intimidating price tag. It’s hard to call anything “complimentary” when you’re writing a check that large, of course, but what’s another $3 million gadget in the grand scheme of things? So, in the ultimate BOGO, purchase the Xenos, and enjoy a complimentary Bugatti Chiron.

Of course, if you have a fancy car and an even fancier yacht, they have to go together, so the Xenos is equipped to house your ride in an on-deck garage, complete with an accompanying folding ramp for quick offboarding when you reach your destination.

Glamorous lifestyles are often associated with wastefulness, but the designers of this yacht made sure to include roof-mounted solar panels to help humble this mammoth 130-feet beast. Owners can also opt for a completely hybrid version for more sustainability. Plus it’s smart, with windows that automatically tint when it becomes too bright or hot.

Don’t let the size and eco-friendly features fool you though — the Xenos is also made from lightweight carbon fiber and aluminum for a streamlined body and high-speed capabilities. The 15,000-horsepower beast is estimated to top out at 90 knots, which is just over 100 miles per hour. If the concept actually comes to life, it would be the fastest 130-yacht on the planet. Even better, it can fly — sort of — with the company offering both standard and hydrofoil versions of the vessel.

While the outdoor features of this boat might reel you in upfront, its interior design is what makes it truly inviting. The Xenos offers a variety of layouts and endless finishing touches to make your $39 million toy a full-fledged home. Isn’t that how the saying goes? Configure yours with cushy sofas, hidden storage, a lounge, televisions and other electronic entertainment, workspaces, or a reading nook. Whatever you pick, just be sure to capitalize on the copious windows providing views of the passing land and seascapes.

The point of a concept is sort of that you get to use it as inspiration to create the “hyperyacht” of your dreams, as Lazzarini labels it in a promotional video. After all, at this price point, luxury is the name of the game, so you can expect doors that slide open automatically, a TV that retracts into the floor, and an abundance of other crazy cool conveniences.

Xenos is all set to rival the new-age look of any boat on the sea, with its ultra-polished exterior, risers that lift it above the water, and automatic garage door. Then there are the deck lounging options, with modular furniture sitting atop that garage and additional lounge chairs just an arm’s length away.

Considering everything this superyacht has to offer, it still seems pretty tough to let the invoice price ruffle you. Get that checkbook out!