Suzak Chair with skateboards

Considering how much time we spent sitting, chairs factor hugely in our lives. There’s a new company in Colombia who believes that chairs have not evolved enough; and that they should be simple yet versatile and, most importantly, affordable.

Suzak Chair interior look

That’s QSTO in Medellin, Colombia. At first glance, their seats look, well, not much like chairs but maybe camping gear or the windbreakers you find at the beaches in Holland. Bat wings spring to mind. At second glance, you’re in love. Their so-called Suzak chair emits feeling of poised tension, a paradox of strain and repose.

Green Suzak Chair with dog

The chairs consist of a steel frame, an industrial, breathable spandex seat, and most notably, a shock cord that attaches the seat to the “hind legs.” You can choose from three types of frames, and four colors for both the hand-washable seat cover and shock cord. It comes in two sizes, medium and large. You can park them inside your home or outdoors, come rain or shine. The Suzak arrives in a flat box and is assembled in four minutes. Designers Jose Manuel Carvajal and Daniel Aristizabal from the Colombian  firm say it’s super comfortable despite its “minimalist Batman-esque” styling. As you shift your position or weight in the chair, the elastic cords adjust. Whether as an outdoor lounger or clever interior piece, the Suzak is worth a test sit.

Suzak Chair in red

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