Hurricanes, earthquakes, civil rebellion, terror attacks, floods, etc. Life can be uncertain, and without being alarmist, it’s important to be prepared. A well-thought-out plan and a variety of basic supplies can help people weather most adversity. A good survival kit makes it easy to do just that, especially when you can just grab it and run out the door.

“We’re a team of friends who’ve collectively traveled to over 125 countries,” say the inventors of the Seventy2, which they call “the world’s smartest survival kit.” What makes them experts? “From the top of Mt. Everest to the jungles of Bolivia to military bases in Iraq, we’ve spent time in some of the most dangerous and extreme environments in the world,” they explain. Okay, that might do it.

“Through it all, we’ve found ourselves in more than a few difficult situations,” the Seventy2 team add, “and it’s these experiences that have taught us the importance of having the right tools and the proper knowledge.”

Cue the Seventy2, a survival kit that contains 30 important tools as well as clear instructions designed by experts to help you get through the crucial first 72 hours of a disaster. While it is great for outdoor explorers and adventure-seekers, company founder Christian Schauf designed the kit to work for the rest of us too: “People like you and me, with families, jobs, and normal lives. Neighbors, family, and friends who just so happen to find themselves in a stressful situation while going about their daily lives.”

The kit includes a first starter, a survival knife, 100 feet of paracord, a flashlight, a multi-tool, a shovel/axe, a first aid kit, an air filter mask, water filter pouches, glow sticks, a thermal space blanket, bright-orange duct tape, a radio/flashlight and phone charger, and more. All these items are stashed in a well-organized, clearly labeled interior bag insert, which in turn is protected from the elements in a waterproof, airtight, sturdy 600D tarpaulin external shell with padded shoulder straps. The outer bag has a roll top so you can stuff it full or carry the basics, and it also has two pockets, an emergency whistle, and a reflective logo.

There are many clever design features. The insert also has backpack straps, for example, so you can carry it separately and use the shell itself to bring along other items. And the PVC inserts can be removed and used as snowshoes—or curled to make an emergency sling.

Worried about getting caught up in sudden flooding or falling overboard from a boat or kayak? “Thanks to waterproof construction, high-quality, waterproof zippers and exacting manufacturing tolerances, the Seventy2 is so waterproof, it can be used as a personal flotation device,” the designers say.

Seventy2 gives back, too, helping to protect people living on the street. In December, the company released its Hideaway Jacket and offered to donate one jacket for every kit purchased. The design is clever—the jacket has panel sections that you can stuff with scrunched-up newspaper or any other type of insulation if you’re caught outside in severe weather. Thanks to this initiative, The I Have A Name Project will distribute 500 of the jackets to homeless people around the country.