Reveal by Studiomama

Most of us use our cabinets for storing stuff, quite logically. But how about using them to reveal fabulous heirlooms and artistic trinkets? For instance with the Reveal Cabinet by Studiomama.

Reveal instead of conceal: A rustic cabinet by Studiomama

This rustic looker is all Scandinavian minimalism with a twist: it’s made from recycled floorboards. Its aesthetic is deliberately rough around the edges, in line with the brand’s devotion to pared-down, “simple, honest and minimal” design with a playful edge. It’s unpretentious yet layered, featuring boxes of various sizes and proportions, cutouts and negative space for displaying your most stylish things and tchotchkes. Want one? It’s made to order; price available on request.

Closeup of the Reveal Cabinet

Studiorama came into being in 2000, a collab between Danisn designer Nina Tolstrup and her husband Jack Mama. They’re committed to “good design for all” and “designing for the real world.” For instance, they have a sustainable wooden mini kitchen that can be used for cooking inside. On their website you can purchase precise instructions on how to build this little beauty yourself.

Studiomama is devoted to real design for the people

Studiomama has collaborated with Marc by Marc Jacobs and a gallery owner and charity worker in Buenos Aires who taught unemployed people living in the slum in Lugano how to make pallet chairs from local materials. We applaud!