Pleat Box Pendnt Light Mashallah

Xavier Manosa of the Apparatu design studio, is a Barcelona-based master ceramicist. Together, in a first-time collaboration with the Mashallah design studio in Berlin, he created the Pleat Box hanging light. The diffuser, or shade, is constructed from ceramic and is built to resemble a fold of cloth. The inside is coated in stark white or gold enamel, which creates a very bright light, or conversely, it casts a warm, ambient glow.

Pleat Lamp

Warming terracota coupled with a gold enamel interior creates an ambient glow.

Custom-made to your personal specifications, Pleat Box comes in a selection of colors, sizes and shades. Though striking alone or in pairs, when it is suspended within a collection of fellow lights, it creates added drama (as well as myriad light sources).

The soft, powdery appearance of the color treatment on the ceramic shade is created by recycling multi-colored enamels – terracota, grey, white, brown and black. The result is almost felt-like – resembling the soft, folded cloth that was its inspiration.

Pleat Box Xavier Manosa and Mashallah

Different Pleat Box shades and shapes cluster together to create drama (and a touch of magic).

The Pleat Box collection is sold by Spanish designer lighting company, Marset:

“We first came into contact with Marset, as a company, a year ago in New York, where we were showing, together with Alex Trochut, our ceramic collection in the Noho neighbourhood. Javier Marset attended the opening, where he showed considerable interest in our stuff. We chatted for a while and, in an unselfish moment, I mentioned to him that I was working on a collection of lamps with Mashallah.”  – Xavier Manosa

Making of Pleat Box Light

Sculptural molds create a soft and pleasing shape that is warm and organic.

“We and Mashallah were very happy about the proposition of Marset handling our lamp. With their help, we made a few design changes and decided on the new finishes—the interior of the lamp would be white or gold to suggest warmth and, for the outside surface, we would use the base material, showing the unglazed potter’s clay itself, in terracotta or white and in a coarse grey, the result of a recycled glaze made up from other used glazes.” – Xavier Manosa

Pleat Box Light

Pleat Box is sharp and appealing in white, with a gold interior to add depth and intrigue.

Making of Pleat Lamp

“Back in Barcelona, we agreed to meet at my workshop one Friday morning. I clearly remember that he arrived about half an hour early and, as luck would have it, we came across each other in the small corner bar where I go for coffee every day.
Javier gets straight to the point and, five minutes later, with his hands on a prototype, he told me that it was sure to sell.”‘ – Xavier ManosaPleat Box gold interiors

Both externally and internally, the Pleat Box hanging light is individual, compelling and unique:

“We have already started to manufacture the lamps, and it has its own special place in the workshop. As it is being constructed, each individual Pleat Box proves very capricious—its simple organic shape requires us to work the curves and the edges with great precision. Each one needs special pampering.” – Xavier Manos