The Deviehl Coffee Cup and Saucer
The DEVIEHL coffee cup is not just any old cup. This takes the notion of the humble domestic drinking vessel up a whole notch – or quite a few.  Precision to detail, craftsmanship, high-quality materials and an appearance that just says Hello! This is contemporary coffee drinking aimed at connoisseurs,  but it will also surely please collectors of fine artifacts. The cup pictured above is made from highly polished and lacquered rosewood.
Deviehl coffee cup and saucer in leather
From the Deviehl website:
“A combination of artisanal craftsmanship and the latest technologies; DEVIEHL products are created with precision and meticulous attention to detail. Nothing is left to chance….DEVIEHL’s unique leather decorated cups (pictured above) made from a selection of finest leather skins, to tantalize your touch and please the eye. Prized for quality and texture, from only certified origins.”
So basically, don’t be surprised if you won’t find these cups any time soon at Starbucks.
Apparently the design depends upon “the latest techniques of nano-technology coatings.” The coffee stays hot for longer due to the cup’s construction, which helps insulate the contents: “The inner contours are designed to optimize fluid dynamics and achieve the perfect crema. The escaping aroma is enhanced, delighting the sense of smell and please the palette.”
The shape is a bit fifties, a bit sci-fi. It looks like the bottom half of  a rocket, about to leave its launch pad.

This cup (pictured above) is coated in marble.

DEVIEHL gives the traditional cup and saucer a whole new spin. The saucer is convex and sexy. The spoon sits neatly on the side,  yet remains within the overall silhouette of the design. The cup, which would otherwise wobble over and spill the coffee, is trapped in the saucer, making the whole thing just look cool. While keeping the coffee hot.

As the DEVIEHL website states: “A contradiction of seemingly pure material, whose beauty and identity derive from the mineral impurities within and the metamorphic process they undergo. These impurities determine the color, the uniqueness of each cup. Timeless, ageless, a piece of history.”

The Deviehl coffee cup and saucer in carbon fibre

Tactile, smooth and beautifully engineered, the DEVIEHL cup is a whole new taste experience

Each cup is hand-turned and built from fine quality materials – polished rosewood, marble, leather, carbon fiber (pictured above)  – combined with porcelain, multi-layered lacquers and silver-colored metal.
Coffee beans

The smooth contours and tactile feel of coffee beans is replicated and enhanced when drinking from the DEVIEHL cup and saucer.


The DEVIEHL coffee cups in rosewood and marble.

Andreas Bos and Jonathan Straussdesigners of Deviehl coffee cup
So, who designed and engineered the cup? London-based engineers and product designers Andreas Bös and Jonathan Strauss “focused their complementary skills and experience in luxury watchmaking, precision engineering and product innovation, combined with an appreciation of beauty, craftsmanship and noble materials, on designing the ‘perfect cup.'”
They’re pretty keen on good coffee it seems, and wanted to design a nice cup to drink it from. Well it’s definitely a talking point. If you can stump up the required $550 (for the carbon fibre version) to $650 (the marble cup) from luxury sites online, or from high-end stores like Harrods in London, then you may just be drinking coffee from the world’s most highly engineered and desirable coffee cup.