No matter how large or how small your living area, there is bound to be a bit of unused space with storage potential. Even homes that look way too small to hold a library often have a bit of space above a door, along a blank wall or even over a doorway. It is these forgotten spaces that make for the most intriguing home libraries. If you have blank vertical space in your home – and we bet you do – you have room for some beautiful built-in bookshelves. Need design ideas? Coming right up! 

(images via: BHG, Design Addict Mom)

Built-in bookshelves offer a unique advantage over free-standing ones: they seem to simply melt into the architecture of the room. They become part of the walls rather than movable additions to the space. You save precious floor space and your room gains a finished, layered look. The photos above are prime examples of how typically unused space can become not just functional, but gorgeous.

(images via: Nicolas Arnold, Stacey Tan)

Of course, not all of us have huge rooms with grand spiral staircases to dedicate to books. But most of us have a spare wall or even a part of a wall that can easily be transformed into a miniature library. The project is entirely scalable depending on your unique space and needs. Got an unusually tall wall? Even better! If you can afford the lumber, go all out and build all the way up to the ceiling.

(images via: This Old House, Apartment Therapy)

Installing built-in bookshelves is a project that should be reserved for a professional – or at least a very experienced DIYer. There are few things more heartbreaking than watching the shelves you just installed yourself come crashing down under the weight of your books, so letting a pro handle the job is advisable.

(top image via: Tecolotl)