laundry room design

What kind of room is a laundry room anyway? Some small apartments do not even have space for the machines – let alone an entire room designed for doing laundry. Other homes and condos (like the seven depicted in these pictures) require solutions that involve careful organization, clever plans and offbeat ideas: washers and dryers in a bathroom, bedroom, office, living, dining, utility room or (if there is one) even the garage.

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laundry room storage ideas

These photos from Electrolux show everything but the kitchen sink being included in a layout – washing machines surrounded by laundry room storage cabinets, racks and shelves on the one hand and colorful wallpaper or other creative decorations on the other.

laundry room organization small spaces

Depending on room size and machine dimensions these show, in short, a striking range of possibilities most people probably do not even consider in a remodel. If successful, the door to your wash might look just fine as another cabinet in a row or fit in well beneath a wrap-around shelving rack.

washer dryer in bathroom

While you might not picture yourself wanting to work at a desk right by your tumbling clothing or watching TV with the spin cycle on to the side, these are at least thought-provoking design ideas that question the basic need for a designated ‘laundry room’ devoid of any other purpose. It is still acceptable to want to stuff these functions into a mud room or closet rather than cozying up with them in your bathroom spa.

But if your living space is small, well, you might just need to sacrifice a bit of (another) room unless you want to lug your laundry in and out (perhaps even up and down) every week. You can see here how an all-in-one washer dryer unit could easily fit into even a modestly sized bathroom or closet – though you’d have to limit your laundry hours to daytime if you sleep nearby.