Anyone who has lived in a tiny city apartment can tell you that the oven is the perfect storage place for bulky comforters and other hard-to-store items. But design graduate Andy took that concept to crazy genius levels with his transforming oven lounge chair.

Built as a student project while Andy was attending the University of Cincinnati, the lounge chair was made by taking apart and modifying an existing oven. Adding an internal seat and a removable ottoman, Andy created a truly unexpected new piece of transforming furniture.

When packed away, the oven looks reasonably believable as a functional kitchen appliance (provided you don’t look too closely). There is even a working plug that provides power to the functional integrated clock, adding to the believability of the device.

But with a few swift movements the oven becomes a comfy place to read, watch TV or to just curl up and think about pot roasts and sugar cookies. The lower drawer pulls out to support the seat, the oven door opens to reveal the cushions, the stovetop lifts off to become the ottoman surface and the side drawer hides the ottoman legs and cushion.

The one-of-a-kind piece of furniture has already been sold to some lucky buyer, but perhaps this concept will plant a seed in the minds of other designers. Finding a way to adapt your product to a component you already have on hand is a great way to stretch your creative muscles – and maybe even provide the world with something unique and memorable like this piece.